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A front-end web developer based in Denver, CO

My Work

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Residential Compost Guide

I designed this brochure to be displayed on a refrigerator or wall. The Z-fold gave me the option to display all content when laid flat and left the opposite side available for a Spanish version. I incorporated elements from other Zero Waste materials to establish continuity throughout the city's marketing.

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Energy-Water Nexus Brochure

Two brochures were combined to include information on how the water and energy systems are dependent upon each other. The brochure has two halves and two featured colors, distinguishing the water content from the energy content. The content itself describes the relationship between each side while the center graphic on the main fold illustrates the nexus concept.

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Tacoma Logo

I designed a logo for the city of Tacoma, Washington. For a class project, I was required to create a logo that was scalable, not just in the sense that it was made from vector objects, but so that it was as recognizable on a postage stamp as it was on a building. I incorporated the famous Tacoma Narrows bridge set upon the iconic backdrop of Mt. Rainier with the bridge supports fading into the river below.

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Bill: the Galactic Hero (2014)

In 2013-2014, Professor Alex Cox led a student production of the feature length cult film, Bill: the Galactic Hero. The first five minutes and the last three minutes of the film were animated and commissioned by Chris Pearce's Digital Animation class. As a part of this class I worked as Assistant Production Manager with a group of 14 other student animators on the 8 minutes of footage that bookend the film.

Watch the whole film on Vimeo.

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Lilly A.D. (2014)

My senior film studies thesis project.

A.D. focuses on a Sadie, a mourning mother after her teenage son accidentally shoots and kills his younger sister. Sadie simultaneously struggles with the loss of her daughter and the anger she can’t help but feel towards the son she loves and the husband who put the whole family at risk.

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Cochin Typespec

For a class project, I was required to create a type specimen poster. I chose the typeface Cochin to represent due to its geometric normal variant and unique artistic curves of the italic variant. Within the poster I wanted to emphasize the uniqueness of some of the most exotic letterforms of the typeface as large letters in the background and still display each variant's alphabet to the side.

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Senior Thesis Film Exhibition Program

When the films for my senior film class were screened, I challenged myself to design a program that was eye-catching, yet still gave each student and their film the spotlight it deserved.

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University of Colorado Swimming & Diving

I worked with a group of three other students to redesign and develop a new website for the club swimming and diving team at CU. The old site was text heavy and used jarring color combinations. Our update made the site easy to update, integrated school colors, and adhered to athletics branding standards.

See it live:

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Partners for A Clean Environment

In 2014 the Partners for A Clean Environment program was unified with other programs in the City of Boulder and Boulder County. Rebranding and a new web design was done by local firm, Walden Hyde. I was responsible for populating and formatting content both to match Walden Hyde's design and to create an intuitive user experience for visitors to take advantage of the services offered by the program.

See it live:

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Instagram @cwmcallister

A collection of hand lettering samples as seen on Instagram.

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Work Experience

Jan. 2017–Present Studio by Engrain
Front-End Web Developer
Maintain and update over 75 multi-family websites
Integrate real-time availability for live pricing and online lease applications
Build WordPress themes from the ground up using Twig templating

May 2014–Present Freelance
Web Developer & Graphic Designer
Develop branding
Transfer & update content
Customize WordPress themes & page templates

Jan. 2016–Jan. 2017 Studio by Engrain
Production Artist
Vectorized property site maps
Cropped & resized images for web
Prepared content for web and touch screen products

Nov. 2014–Dec. 2014 Boulder County, CO
Commissioners' Sustainability Office
Sustainability Intern

Designed graphics for print and web
Marketed commercial sustainability programs

Jun. 2014–Dec. 2014 City of Boulder, CO
Local Environmental Action Division
Communications & Graphic Design Intern

Designed graphics for print & web
Coded & formatted webpages
Wrote & proofed content

Jan. 2014–Jul. 2014 Bill: The Galactic Hero
Assistant Production Manager for Animation
Coordinated student animators
Trained student animators
Animated characters & backgrounds

Apr. 2013–Aug. 2013 Colorado Renewable Energy Society
Office Administrator
Managed membership database
Coded and formatted webpages
Setup monthly meetings

Sep. 2010–May 2012 University of Colorado C4C Dining Hall
Student Assistant II, Student Assistant I
Trained Student Assistant I employees
Controlled quality of health practices
Assisted customers & cashiered


Fall 2009–Spring 2014 University of Colorado at Boulder
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Film Studies
Minor - Technology, Arts & Media

Fall 2012 The Umbra Institute - Perugia, Italy
Italian Language and Culture Studies

Volunteer Experience

2013, 2014 Starz Denver Film Festival
Assisted festival VIPs, assisted customers, directed drivers to parking

2014 Boulder International Film Festival
Projected films, assisted customers, managed recycling & compost stations

2013, 2014 Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Projected films, controlled light & sound equipment, assisted customers

Mar. 2010–Dec. 2013 Colorado Renewable Energy Society
Resolved IT problems, compiled bulk mailings, maintained eCommerce site
Organization & projection of film: "Chasing Ice"


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I like to make things. My talents are primarily in web development and graphic design, but there's more to this cookie than just chocolate chips!

I transform content into mediums that excite. I want to give people the power of information in an age where it is nearly impossible to filter the inspirational from the mundane. Some days I know exactly what I'm doing, but more often I feel the world is my classroom. There is always more to learn and opportunity to improve.

I graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film Studies and a minor in Technology, Arts & Media in the spring of 2014. Since then I have done work for Studio by Engrain, the City of Boulder, Boulder County, and the Colorado Renewable Energy Society.

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